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We supply a full range of thermal plastic pumps up to 30hp with full plastic casings and impellers designed for pumping sea water.

Wasting Energy

With Multi-function dehumidifiers you can save up to 70% on heating your pool and dehumidifying the facility at the same time.

Overdosing Chemicals

Action Aquatics offers a range of system to manage chemical dosing, from simple timer based dosing pumps up to network accessible control systems.

Excess moisture

Action Aquatics Multifunctional Indoor Space Dehumidifiers supply a single device solution for indoor swimming pools and large public spaces.

Energy capture

Action Aquatics Multifunctional Indoor Space Dehumidifiers also feature ERV fresh air ventilation, recovering energy from exhaust air.

1 Micron filters

Defender stock on hand. 90% water savings. 75% space savings. 50% energy savings. 30% less chemicals.

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Where our products have been used

The Action Aquatics range of products are used across Queensland thru a number of engineering and building companies, we are active looking for more distributors to reach out across Australia.

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